Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chapter 16

This is about 5 pages.
Look here for A couple questions over the weekend.

1. How Long are oral arguments in Court?
2. What do justices do?
3. What is the nature of the federal judicial system?
4. What are the two types of court cases? And Explain them?
5. What are Litigants?
6. What is a plaintiff?
7. What is a defendant?
8. What is standing to sue? How has it changed?
9. What are class action suits?
10. What is a justiciable dispute?
11. How do groups involve themselves in the court progress?
12. What is an amicus curiae brief?
13. Growth of Law Profession?
14. Discuss equality of access?

3. Minor (Third) Parties have been a common feature of US politics. (see pic)
a) Describe the point of view expressed about minor parties in the political cartoon below

b) Identify and explain how two rules of the United States electoral college act as obstacles to minor party candidates winning elections.
c) Minor parties make important contributions to the United States political system in spite of the obstacles to their candidates' success. Describe two of these contributions.

4) Trust and confidence in government have declined in recent decades.
(a) Explain how divided government has contributed to the decline in trust and confidence in government. Be sure to include a definition of divided government in your response
(b) Explain how the increased cost of election campaigns has contributed to the decline in trust and confidence in government.
(c) Explain two specific consequences of the decline in trust and confidence in government for individual political behavior.

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