Thursday, December 12, 2013


Blogs should be current...
Today, Review essay prompts;
The information provided is REQUIRED to get full credit on in class essay quiz (in January)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Book Fair, grades, upcoming work

-Go to the Barnes and Noble Book Store Tomorrow, Dec 8.  Money is being raised for the SHS library, so make sure you mention it.  Free gift wrapping available!  Nothing says "I care about my family and I'm also smart enough to get all my Christmas shopping done and wrapped for free while I have a Latte" like buying books at Barnes and Noble.

Grades before Christmas Break:
Thursday Blog Check
the two essay prompts, in the post below. (40 pts).

-Note Check coming up; you will be assessed for all notes for 6,9,10.  15 points.

-Holiday political song coming up; 10 points.  4 verses and a chorus, including government policy, a branch, a person, related to current events.  Specifications to follow.

Grades before end of term (February 4)
-Unit 3 test, 50-60 points, chapters 8,7,11.
-4 more essays before break, rough drafts on blog (20 points)
-Essay quiz;  2 will be chosen. 20 points
-Note check: 7,8,11 10-15 points
-Writing / Publishing Assignments on Blog, 30 points.

Extra Credit Opportunity:  Award will based on your efforts, but usually can raise a grade by 2-3%.  Please don't ask for more than that.  Select a book with me, read book.  Analyze and assess book.  Approximately 750 words. If you want to do this, must select with me by mid January, and turn in on day grades are due.

Links to the assignments requirements are on the right, under assignments.


Thursday, December 5, 2013

ESSAY Prompts, 5 and 6

Create your draft response for this essay.

Essay 5
Different interest groups will choose different techniques to achieve their objectives based on their resources, characteristics, and goals.
a) describe each of the following techniques and explain why an interest group would choose each technique.
Campaign contributions
Grassroots Lobbying / mass mobilization.

b) Select one of the following groups and identify the primary technique it uses from the list in part (a). Explain why the group you selected would employ that technique over the other two techniques.
American Medical Association
Sierra Club

Essay 6

In the United States political system, there are several linkage institutions that can connect citizens to government Elections constitute one such institution. Because of low voter turnout, however, other linkage institutions can connect citizens to government.

a. Describe how each of the following is related to the likelihood of voting.



b. Identify one current government electoral requirement that decreases voter turnout. Explain how it decreases voter turnout.

c. Identify one linkage institution other than elections and explain two ways it connects citizens to government.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Chapter 8

The next Unit is Chapter 8, 11, 7.

Read Chapter 8;
First 5-6 pages.
Take Notes.
Here are some terms you should understand.

1. Define Party Competition
2. Define Political party
3. What do we mean by ‘party in the electorate’
4. Define the party as an organization?
5. Explain the party in government
6. Define Linkage institutions
7. Define Party image.
8. What are the tasks performed by the parties?
9. Define rational choice theory.
10. Discuss figure 8.1
11. What are the perceived differences between parties?
12. Define Party identification
13. Trends in party alliance?
14. Define Ticket splitting
15. Discuss Table 8.1
16. Read and answer the questions on page 244, in coherent unambiguous sentences.
17. How are parties organized?
18. What is a party machine?
19. What is patronage?
20. What is the center of local party organizations now?
21. Contrast PA and CA’s State party system.
22. Define closed primary
23. Define open primary
24. Define blanket primary
25. Define national convention
26. Define national committee
27. Define national chairperson
28. Define coalition
29. Promises by politicians. Discuss.
30. Define party eras.
31. Define critical election
32. Define party realignment. Example(s)
33. Discuss the 5 party eras.
34. Define New deal coalition
35. Define Party dealignment
36. Define party neutrality
37. Define Third parties
38. Define Winner-take-all system
39. Define Proportional representation
40. Define Coalition government
41. Define Responsible party model
42. What are the roles of third parties I npolitics?What are the conditions of parties under the ‘responsible party model?’
43. Role of Party and scope of government
44. Parties today?

Monday, December 2, 2013

senator wyden visit

Senator Wyden is coming to town.
Create a biographical outline of his background.
Find out what committees he's on; pick out an issue or two, do a little background research, and write down your results about his work/position on 1-3 issues.

Based on that, (and any general questions you have), write down a couple questions.

1-2 paragraphs


Background/Discussion on 1-2 issues
(2-3 paragraphs)  It would be great to research some of the bills he's sponsored, or his position on the issues. You can find these pretty easily on his website, under priorities.

Questions for the Senator?