Thursday, April 24, 2014

Earth Day.

Earth Day.
You watched the video on the history of the Environmental movement.

Part 1:  Bibliographic annotation for.

American Masters, A fierce Green fire.  Use the internet, and cite the source.  Summarize. In a paragraph format.  MLA format, but you don't have to reverse indent if you don't like.

Direct link to the video.

Part 2:  2 more sources about some aspect of the Environmental movement that 'speaks to you.'  This could be managing fisheries for recreation, saving the whales, etc., clean air, clean water, solar power, nuclear power, clean coal.  I don't really care, but don't be contrarian for contrarians sake.  Look for something good about the Planet,  and dig in.

Cite the sources, summarize, in MLA format.

Write a statement of purpose about what you would like to see done about the issue you have researched, and WHY.

Monday, April 21, 2014


Scariest Easter Bunny Ever

essays 19 and 20

You'll get some more class time for these.

If you are taking the test, AP test prep wednesday, in my room.  
Starting at 8:30 a.m. (come earlier if you'd like!)

19, and 20

(1999_1)In the 1990’s presidential election campaigns have become more candidate centered and less focused on issues and party labels. The change has been attributed both to how the media cover presidential campaigns and to how candidates use the media. Identify and explain two ways in which the media have contributed to candidate-centered presidential campaigns. Identify and explain two ways in which presidential candidates’ use of the media has contributed to candidate-centered campaigns.

Your answer should not include a discussion of presidential primary elections.

(1999_2)National interest groups often target national-level policymaking institutions to achieve their policy objectives.

Select one of the following national interest groups.
- AMA (Medical Association
- NAM (national assoc. of Manufacturers)

For the group you selected do each of the following.
- a identify one major national-level policymaking institution that this group targets.
- b describe one resource or characteristic of the group you have chosen and explain how it influences the choice of the target you have identified in (a)
- c describe another resource or characteristic of the group you have chosen and explain how it influences the choice of the target you have identified in (a).

Friday, April 18, 2014

special ap test prep day

Next Wednesday, during the ACT test, I'll be AP test reviewing.
Come one, come all.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Essays 17 and 18

These questions are from 2010, and are essays 15 and 16 (Click to enlarge), the graph goes with essay 15.



Monday, April 14, 2014

Essays 15 and 16

2006-2 In recent decades, entitlement programs have constituted a substantial portion of the United States federal budget. Social Security is the largest entitlement program in the US. From the information in the chart above, and your knowledge of the US government and politics, perform the following tasks.
(a) define entitlement program
(b) What is the primary source of revenue for the Social Security program
(c) Identify one threat to the future of the Social security program should the trends depicted in the chart continue
(d) Describe on demographic trend that threatens the future of the Social Security program and explain how it is responsible for the threat that you identified in (c )
(e) Explain how any one of the trends in the chart above would change if the age of eligibility for social security were raised.

2006-3 The United States congress and the president together have the power to enact federal law. Federal bureaucratic agencies have the responsibility to execute federal law. However, in the carrying out of these laws, federal agencies have policy making discretion.
(1) Explain two reasons why Congress gives federal agencies policy making discretion in executing federal laws.
(2) Choose one of the bureaucratic agencies listed below. Identify the policy area over which it exercises policy-making discretion and give one specific example of how it exercises that discretion.
a. Environmental Protection Agency
b. Federal Communications Commission
c. Federal Reserve board
(3) Describe two ways in which Congress ensures that federal agencies follow legislative intent.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


5 pages a day...
I think this band is cool
CH 17 

1. Capitalism
2. Mixed Economy
3. Multinational corporations
4. Walmart Facts related to impact to American and global economy (listed over 3 pages).
5. SEC
6. Minimum wage
7. Labor Union
8. Collective Bargaining
9. Irony of Sam Walton’s autobiography
10. Clinton’s motto
11. Economic conditions and voters’ choice?
12. The Parties views on the economy?
13. 2004 election and economy?
14. Unemployment rate?
15. Discouraged worker?
16. Summarize graph17.1
17. Inflation
18. Consumer Price Index
19. Summarize graph 17.2
20. Laissez-faire
21. Monetary policy
22. Monetarism
23. Federal reserve system
24. Fiscal policy
25. Keynesian economic theory
26. Supply Side Economic
27. Laffer Curve
28. Why is it hard for President’s to control the economy
29. Protectionism
30. WTO
31. L1-B Visa
32. Goals of Business and Public Policy
33. Impact of Corporate corruption
34. Anti trust policy
35. FDA
36. NLRA