Friday, May 30, 2014

optional blog post

Optional Blog Post.

Cite the above, and summarized. (vaccine, Ashland).

Find ONE more sources, site and summarize.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Amendment Blog Post

Make up assignment from Last Friday.
Blog Post, 15 points.

Pick an Amendment.
Copy in the Text.
Explain in your own words what it says, and why you think it's important.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

If you blend it, they might come.



You don't have to put your name, you can put anon, put down what you will bring; if one person brings berries, and one bananas, etc. If you don't contribute, no guarantee you can have a smoothie.

things we need;

Monday, May 19, 2014

Friday, May 16, 2014

remaining schedule.

With excessive absences due to a variety of concerns (rock concerts, senior skip days, end of year sports), dealing with the schedule is a balancing act.  Here is where we are for the rest of the year.

5/16 Friday: Blog Post (30 points)
5/19 Monday: Test (40 points), Ch 12-16
5/20 Tuesday: Test Corrections
5/21 Wednesday: Detailed Test Review.  CH 17 and 18.
5/22 to 5/23 Thursday- Friday:  Seminar: Exploration of changing views of Gender in Society through Film.  Refreshments will accompany on Friday.  Also, if time allows, the annual Patrick Kilty "Graphic Design Project"(30 points).

5/27 Tuesday: Detailed test review, Chapter 19-20
5/28 Wednesday: Test. 17-20. (40 points)
5/29 Thursday:  Corrections
5/30 Friday : Blog Catch Up Day (Field day).
5/31 Monday/Tuesday.  Optional Blog. 60 points. Your Choice to do or not.  Won't count against your grade.  Reasonable effort on this project will be given full marks.  Not any more time to do than any other assignment, just given more weight as a gift.

All the questions from ever.

Test Bank

Health Care Blog Post. 30 Points.

Go HERE and Examine the 5 listed countries, summarize, Bullet points are fine.
Go HERE and compare various costs.

Describe what system you would like, and WHY

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Test Resources

Here are some test resources for your use.  2009, and 1999 Multiple Choice tests, with answers, and I've highlighted a few targeted FRQ's on some of our more recent material.  

Multiple Choice Links:

2009 Multiple Choice Test (With Answers) (word doc).

FRQ Links:

I Am available Wednesday after school, any lunch, any period 6 if you'd like help understanding any of the Multiple Choice questions, or any FRQs.

If at least one or more person makes a request, I can come in any evening after 5:15 for an hour or two to review.    Don't hesitate to ask.