Friday, May 16, 2014

remaining schedule.

With excessive absences due to a variety of concerns (rock concerts, senior skip days, end of year sports), dealing with the schedule is a balancing act.  Here is where we are for the rest of the year.

5/16 Friday: Blog Post (30 points)
5/19 Monday: Test (40 points), Ch 12-16
5/20 Tuesday: Test Corrections
5/21 Wednesday: Detailed Test Review.  CH 17 and 18.
5/22 to 5/23 Thursday- Friday:  Seminar: Exploration of changing views of Gender in Society through Film.  Refreshments will accompany on Friday.  Also, if time allows, the annual Patrick Kilty "Graphic Design Project"(30 points).

5/27 Tuesday: Detailed test review, Chapter 19-20
5/28 Wednesday: Test. 17-20. (40 points)
5/29 Thursday:  Corrections
5/30 Friday : Blog Catch Up Day (Field day).
5/31 Monday/Tuesday.  Optional Blog. 60 points. Your Choice to do or not.  Won't count against your grade.  Reasonable effort on this project will be given full marks.  Not any more time to do than any other assignment, just given more weight as a gift.

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