Thursday, November 7, 2013


Watergate Project:
Please find a general explanation to 'watergate' and read over it.  Wikipedia, PBS, etc.  Feel free to share links with each other.

Here is the publishing portion

Click HERE and find your assigned topic.

Create a well crafted post about the subject you've been assigned.  Historical information, and their role in the watergate break-in, scandal, etc.  Photos, Videos etc. are Nice.

Cite your sources. Must have at least one picture.  400-600 words is recommended length.  Include a link to the 'General Watergate' source you found as well.

Publish your blog post TODAY HERE .  Don't worry that it's not complete; you can edit it. 
Should be done by Tuesday, at the latest.

I will have the Timeline created over the weekend (Hopefully) and you can start reading your classmate's work.  I will include the 'uncovered' topics for the smaller class sections.

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