Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Assignment for thursday/Friday.

Giant Pool of Money due tuesday.
Chapter two quiz Thursday, Sep. 26 2012
Ok, here are the questions
for Chapter 3 part 1
Answer 1-5 for thursday, Sep 26

1. US VS Lopez
2. Define Federalism
3. Unitary Gov
4. Intergovernmental Relations
5. Why is federalism important
6. Copy Table 3.1
7. Why are more layers important?
8. Role of federalism, and Judicial Power
9. How does state policy affect national policy
10. Copy table 3.2
11. Why was central power impossible in 1787?
12. Def. Supremacy Clause
13. Def. Tenth Amendment
14. US v. Darby
15. National League v. Usery
16. 11th Amendment
17. Why has fed power gained relative to states?
18. McCulluch v. Maryland
19. Implied Powers
20. Enumerated Powers
21. Implied Powers
22. Elastic Clause
23. Gibbons v. Ogden
24. Power over Commerce
25. Civil War
26. Brown v. Board
27. Full faith and Credit
28. (and same sex marriage).
29. Extradition
30. Privileges and imunities

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Giant Pool of Money.

Due By monday, 9/26/11
Listening Guide for "The Giant Pool of Money"
10 points
2 points EXTRA CREDIT if your parent/guardian listens with, and signs a note saying that you have had at the very least, some form of discussion about this event. Parents, I encourage you to drag this conversation out as long as possible, grill your students endlessly, about the details, etc. Or just enjoy it.

Even a POOR job of using this listening guide is superior to just listening to the show. Here is the link to the giant pool of money.

Here is the BEST way to use this guide. Copy it, and print it double spaced. Read it. It won't make full sense, but it will prime you to be ready for the listening. Note that I have time stamped enough of the questions. Click the streaming guide, and a small window will open and play. Simply listen, and note the time on the streaming guide. When you get to a new 'time stamp' listen a little closer, and try to answer a couple questions. When you get to the next time stamp, pause, try to fill in a couple of the questions you missed, read the next few, and proceed. I'm really not concerned if you don't get them all. I don't need you going back and forth trying to find the missing answers, just do the best you can.

The program is 1 hour long. If you can finish the assignment in 1:15, I think that's a good use of your time. I hope you find it informative. If you can talk your parents into listening to the assignment, and collectively write a little blurb, I'll give you 2 extra credit points (that's not much, but hopefully it's worth having your folks write me a one line email, and I hope it doesn't make it unfair to those folks who don't want to sit in front of the computer for an hour).


The Giant Pool Of Money.
1. The Giant Pool Of Money.
2. What is a ‘sub prime crisis’
3. What is a NINA loan? And what happened to Clarence?
4. (6:20)What are the two versions of the story of loans?
5. Define Imprudent Partnership?
6. (8:30)What is the Global Pool of Money?
7. How big?
8. What happened do the pool right around 2000-2006
9. (10:50)How
10. (12:00)How did Alan Greenspan affect investment of the GPM. (Giant Pool of money)
11. (13:45)Why were mortgage loans so attractive
12. What is the chain
13. What is a mortgage backed security.
14. (16:20)Largest Private Mortgage bank in Nevada: Mike Garner: What was his job.
15. What kind of mortgages did he start buying: What happened in 2003
16. Stated Income, Verified Asset. What and why is it.
17. How do you verify the Stated Income?
18. NIVA
19. NINA
20. Why didn’t anyone care about the risk?
21. What happened to house prices, and what was the flaw.
22. (23:00)How much was Glen making:
23. What was he doing.
24. How did he live.
25. How did he make his money.
26. Who designed the computer models, and what was the view.
27. What are possible forclosure rates vs. projections.
28. (29:50)What turned the problem into a Crisis
29. Were CDO’s safe
30. What is the issue of seeing homes as an investment?
31. What happened to income from 2000-2007
32. (35:10)What do we mean by speculative bubble.
33. (39:13)What does it mean to be a highly leveraged bank
34. So what happened to silverstate mortgage.
35. (45:25)What about Richard, the former marine?
36. What about the music: do you like it?
37. (47:15)What was his stated income on his original loan and what was he really making.
38. Why did the mortgage broker falsify info.
39. Was there fraud.
40. (49:45)Who owns the loan?
41. How many individual loans was one office running
42. (51:30) How does the IT guy see lives…
43. What is the value of AAA mortgage back CDO’s worth
44. What is a AAA ranking
45. (54:30) What happened to the Global pool of money.
46. What is the goal of the GPM now.
47. Result?
48. Can Iceland get loans? Explain?
49. Effect on Student lending.
50. Effect on bankruptcy?
51. (56:43) What decade do ‘they’ think it will be like

Monday, September 24, 2012

chapter 2C AND 2D.

FINISH 1-18 for tuesday

1. Copy Figure 2.3
2. What does the Madisonian system encourage?
3. 2 forces about constitution
4. Federalists
5. Anti federalists
6. Federalist papers
7. Copy chart 2.5
8. Bill of rights
9. You are responsible for table 2.6
10. Why was ratification by special convention?
11. How can the constitution b e changed.
12. Copy figure 2.4
13. What has been the process of amendment in almost all cases
14. What is the result of amendments?
15. What is the ERA?
16. How did it fail?
17. How may the Constitution be amended informally?
18. Explain Judicial Review:
19. Marbury vs. Madison
20. Explain Political practice
21. How has the role of the Electoral college changed?
22. How has technology changed the constitution?
23. How has the president’s role changed?
24. Is the Constitution democratic?
25. How has the constitution become more democratic?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chapter 2, part 2

Chapter 2
I don't care if you renumber.
Answer questions 1-24 on this list.
It's 38 to 44 in the 12th edition.

1. Us constitution
2. Describe the delgates
3. Things they agreed upon
4. What is human nature
5. Causes of political conflict
6. Def factions
7. Goals of gov.
8. Nature of gov
9. 3 issues drawing attention
10. Equality and representation of the states?
11. New jersey plan
12. Virginia plan
13. Connecticut compromise
14. How does conn comp favor small states
15. How was slavery dealt with
16. How was political equality dealt with
17. What economic issues were to be dealt with
18. What did beard claim about the framers
19. What does the best evidence suggest?
20. What were the powers of congress
21. What prohibitions would congress make on states?
22. What about debt?
23. how was individualism views?
24. what protections are clearly spelled out in the constitution? (several)
25. define writ of habeas corpus
26. tyranny of the majority
27. how was the tyranny of the majority prevented?
28. def separation of powers.
29. explain figure 2.2
30. checks and balances
31. how do we have a federal system
32. how do we have a republic

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

currente events assignment.

Read 2 - 3 articles about the current discussion of Romney's statements leaked to press recently.  Find more than one view point, review the articles and be prepared to talk about it tomorrow.  Possible sites to review include,, abc, cbs, msnbc, etc. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Chapter 2 Part 1.

Read 29-33 and answer questions 1-14.

Chapter 2, Part One
1. Texas vs. Gregory Lee Johnson
2. US v. Eichman
3. constitution
4. How was life in the 18th century for the colonists?
5. What part of colonial life did the king and parliament affect.
6. Explain figure 2.1
7. How did the Fr. And Indian war affect BR’s relationship with colonists
8. Primary author of declaration of independence
9. What is a polemic, and how is the D.O.I. a polemic?
10. What was the reason for listing grievances?
11. John Locke?
12. Natural rights
13. Consent of the governed
14. Limited government
15. What 2 limits on government are very important to Locke
16. How is the American Revolution a conservative rebellion?
17. Articles of confederation
18. Describe the problems of the AOC
19. Explain table 2.2
20. What was happening in the states?
21. How did power shift in the states?
22. What was happening to America and Americans?
23. What played a key role in shaping public policy?
24. What did depression do to the famers?
25. Shays rebellion?
26. Annapolis meeting