Monday, March 31, 2014

Chapter 16

1. 2 kinds of court cases? Explain.

2. 3 types of participants in Judicial System?

3. Jurisdiction of district courts?

4. How many criminal cases go to trial?
5. How many civil cases go to trial?
6. What is a diversity of citizenship case?
7. How many judicial circuits?
8. What is the difference between a judge and a justice?
9. Role of partisanship in selection of judges?
10. Define the following:
11. Standing to Sue
12. Class action suits
13. Justiciable disputes
14. Amicus curiae brief
15. Original jurisdiction
16. Appellate jurisdiction
17. District courts
18. Court of appeal
19. Supreme court
20. Senatorial Courtesy
21. How many cases submitted to supreme court each year?
22. Explain writ of certiorari?
23. Explain what court cases are likely to be selected by the courts?
24. Define solicitor General?
25. How many cases heard each year?
26. Define Per curiam decision?
27. Define amicus curiae briefs?
28. Define opinion?
29. Who writes the opinion?
30. Dissenting opinion?
31. Concurring opinion?
32. Stare decisis?
33. Precedents?
34. Can the court over rule it’s own decisions. Give example.
35. Define judicial implementation.
36. Define original intent
37. Define the 3 eras of Courts and policies (p. 526)
38. Explain Marbury v. Madison.
39. Define judicial review?
40. Explain the ‘9 old men’
41. What was the role of the warren court?
42. Explain the character of the Burger Court
43. Explain US v. Nixon
44. How do the courts serve as a check on the tyranny of the majority?
45. Explain judicial restraint?
46. Explain judicial activism.
47. What is the doctrine of political questions?
48. What is statutory construction?

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

essays 13, 14

Essays 13, 14

2008-1) Congressional reapportionment and redistricting are conducted every ten years. When redistricting is conducted, politicians often engage in gerrymandering.
(a) Define congressional reapportionment and explain one reason why it is important to states.
(b) Define congressional redistricting.
(c) Explain two goals of politicians when they gerrymander during redistricting.
(d) Describe two limits that the United State Supreme Court has placed on congressional redistricting.

2008-2)A number of factors enable presidents to exert influence over Congress in the area of domestic policy. However, presidents are also limited in their influence over domestic policymaking in Congress.

-The Constitution grants the president certain enumerated powers. Describe two of these formal powers that enable the president to exert influence over domestic policy.

-Choose two of the following. Define each term and explain how each limits the president’s ability to influence domestic policy making in Congress.
*Mandatory spending
*Party polarization
*Lame-duck period

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Article of the day.

This is really cool.  Especially if you're into skiing.  Or journalism.  Or computers.

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Friday, Happy weekend.

Finished 15 discussion today, you should be into CH 16 reading, here's your reading link of the day…. I think you'll like it.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Chapter 15

1. Name 4 Bureaucratic Myths and Realities
2. Explain Growth in Civilian Gov. Employees
3. Name 3 things Bureaucracies Do.
4. Demographics of Bureaucrats
5. Patronage
6. Pendleton Civ Svc Act
7. Civil Service
8. Merit Principle
9. Hatch Act
10. OPM
11. GS Rating
12. Senior Executive Service
13. What is the Plum book. How many jobs?
14. How many Cabinet Departments. Name 5.
15. Define Independent Regulatory Agency? Name and describe 5
16. Humphrey’s Exec. V. US (What is it).
17. Gov Corp. 2 Examples.
18. Independent executive agencies.
19. Policy implementation. 3 Elements.
20. List Why Implementation fails.
a. Explain: Bad program design
b. Lack of Clarity
c. Lack of Resources
d. Administrative Routine
e. Administrative Disposition
21. Define SOP
22. Explain success of 1965 Voting Rights Act
23. Define Regulation
24. Give 3 examples of Significant Government Regulation.
25. Munn v. Illinois
26. Significance of Interstate Commerce Commission
27. Incentive System
28. Deregulation
29. 3 arguments in favor of Dereg
30. 3 arguments opposed to Deregulation
31. 4 ways prez can pressure an agency
32. 4 ways Congress tries to control the Bureaucracy
33. What are Iron triangles.
34. Ex. Of Iron Triangle.
35. Ex. Of Destruction of Iron Triangle
36. Describe Bureaucracy relative to size of US Pop.

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…is a reading day… read an extra 5 pages.  We started 4 days ago if you're counting.

Read this article if you like.

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1) Keep reading Chapter 14.  We've been working on it since last Tuesday, so 5 days worth by Wednesday.-- first half discussion Wednesday, second half Thursday.
2) Is your Annotated Bibliography on the spill done?
3) Are your Essay Prompt Outlines 11-12 done?

I'll be in a little before lunch if you need to see me for any reason.