Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chapter 3-2 questions.

Have everything ready for next class.
1. Copy Figure 2.3
2. What does the Madisonian system encourage?
3. 2 forces about constitution
4. Federalists
5. Anti federalists
6. Federalist papers
7. Copy chart 2.5
8. Bill of rights
9. You are responsible for table 2.6
10. Why was ratification by special convention?
11. How can the constitution b e changed.
12. Copy figure 2.4
13. What has been the process of amendment in almost all cases
14. What is the result of amendments?
15. What is the ERA?
16. How did it fail?
17. How may the Constitution be amended informally?
18. Explain Judicial Review:
19. Marbury vs. Madison
20. Explain Political practice
21. How has the role of the Electoral college changed?
22. How has technology changed the constitution?
23. How has the president’s role changed?
24. Is the Constitution democratic?
25. How has the constitution become more democratic?

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Read This and Answer the questions in clear unambiguous complete sentences.


1. Contrast the philosophy and forces behind the Articles of Confederation with
those supporting the new Constitution in 1787.

2. What was the effect of the state constitutions and the Articles of
Confederation upon the dominant economic classes?

3. How does Beard characterize the delegates to the Constitutional Convention
of 1787?

4. What were the views of the delegates to the Convention on democracy and
equality, according to Beard?

5. Aside from describing the delegates as representatives of the propertied
classes desiring to protect their interests, what other evidence does Beard
present to support his thesis that the principal purpose of the Constitution was
to protect most forms of private property?

6. Beard relies on The Federalist to support his argument that the Constitution
was designed to protect the economic interest of property holders. What
arguments does Beard make based on The Federalist to support his

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current Events

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climate change

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Current events Sept.14

Read these 3 articles for class discussions