Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Phillippines

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Part 1) How should the money be spent?  Identify critical areas for relief
Part 2) Support the idea that Charities are the most effective way to provide for relief.
Part 3) Research several Charities based on their expertise in the region, and cost efficiency (How much of each dollar goes to relief).
Part 4) Come up with a cool invention for something that could be used in the future for disaster relief.

Your assignment is to research how we as a community (class, school, bend) could best provide some help for the Philippines. With thousands dead, no power, and no shelter, my suggestion would to be to find the most effective, cheapest way to get clean potable water to them -- but any of the basic needs that you can identify, and creatively solve are good.  

There is no best answer.  But I'd love it if you could come up with a plan upon which could be useful down the road. I'm crowd sourcing this to you; hopefully one of you will find a good cheap way to minimize the effect of disease and death from poor water moving forward. To give you evidence of the need for this; following the Haiti earthquake, Cholera has been rampant. 8,000 have died from the cholera infection following the 2010 earthquake. Tropical disease is a real concern, and I welcome your thoughts and efforts.

This may end up being just a thought experiment, but we may come up with a best plan. Be diligent, thorough, and don't settle for finding one answer. Remember, whatever your thoughts are, make sure you are finding a solution for people with no shelter, no potable water, and in a tropical environment.


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