Thursday, February 6, 2014


We're doing sort of a little miniature annotated bibliography.  Create an MLA format citation for 3 sources.  I am providing you 2.  Then summarize the content of the source. 

Summarize the PBS Frontline on the Meth-a-demic; here is the link to the pbs website, I'd recommend just reading over the transcript:

Here is another, short NPR piece that I think builds upon it.  Please summarize this, as well. 

Now find a THIRD of your choice.  The war on drugs is an incredibly complicated issue that affects law enforcement, legal drug companies, schools, our relationship with other nations, state and local governments, etc.  Staying in our discussion of METH's impact, try to find a particularly interesting article, and make a THIRD annotation.

You will be putting a link to this source and your summary on a google form for peer review.

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