Thursday, February 25, 2010


By way of 'developing our' note taking technique:
Rather than questions, you are to outline from
Politics of Judicial Selection (511 in my book)
The Courts and the policy Agenda (526)
I will grade these notes in class.
Proper material will include all definitions, and outline of concepts.

Friday, February 19, 2010

go to this website.

find an example for each 'type' of bias: note, some forms of bias will require two examples. For example, bias by photograph will be best illustrated by a contrasting example. That is, show two pictures of the president that show different bias. And explain the perceived bias.

For Bias by headline: Include the text of the article from say, NYTIMES, and then the headline that NY Times had, and that the Bend bulletin used (They will often run the same article from the NY Times, but change the headline).

Bias by source control: Identify how they use of a press release, or who you ask about something affects the article.


use the internet to find 'bias by ommission' to find an article that the news overlooks. provides one source of these sites, but i will consider relevant well researched examples from other sources.