Monday, March 31, 2014

Chapter 16

1. 2 kinds of court cases? Explain.

2. 3 types of participants in Judicial System?

3. Jurisdiction of district courts?

4. How many criminal cases go to trial?
5. How many civil cases go to trial?
6. What is a diversity of citizenship case?
7. How many judicial circuits?
8. What is the difference between a judge and a justice?
9. Role of partisanship in selection of judges?
10. Define the following:
11. Standing to Sue
12. Class action suits
13. Justiciable disputes
14. Amicus curiae brief
15. Original jurisdiction
16. Appellate jurisdiction
17. District courts
18. Court of appeal
19. Supreme court
20. Senatorial Courtesy
21. How many cases submitted to supreme court each year?
22. Explain writ of certiorari?
23. Explain what court cases are likely to be selected by the courts?
24. Define solicitor General?
25. How many cases heard each year?
26. Define Per curiam decision?
27. Define amicus curiae briefs?
28. Define opinion?
29. Who writes the opinion?
30. Dissenting opinion?
31. Concurring opinion?
32. Stare decisis?
33. Precedents?
34. Can the court over rule it’s own decisions. Give example.
35. Define judicial implementation.
36. Define original intent
37. Define the 3 eras of Courts and policies (p. 526)
38. Explain Marbury v. Madison.
39. Define judicial review?
40. Explain the ‘9 old men’
41. What was the role of the warren court?
42. Explain the character of the Burger Court
43. Explain US v. Nixon
44. How do the courts serve as a check on the tyranny of the majority?
45. Explain judicial restraint?
46. Explain judicial activism.
47. What is the doctrine of political questions?
48. What is statutory construction?

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