Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Chapter 16, Part 1/3

This is about 16 pages.
Look here for A couple questions over the weekend.

1. How Long are oral arguments in Court?
2. What do justices do?
3. What is the nature of the federal judicial system?
4. What are the two types of court cases? And Explain them?
5. What are Litigants?
6. What is a plaintiff?
7. What is a defendant?
8. What is standing to sue? How has it changed?
9. What are class action suits?
10. What is a justiciable dispute?
11. How do groups involve themselves in the court progress?
12. What is an amicus curiae brief?
13. Growth of Law Profession?
14. Discuss equality of access?
15. What courts are in the Constitution?
16. Judiciary Act of 1789? And explain 16.1.
17. What are Legislative courts?
18. What is original Jurisdiction?
19. What is appellate jurisdiction?
20. What are district courts?
21. Where are most court cases heard?
22. Do most court cases go to trial?
23. What is diversity of Citizenship?
24. Courts of Appeal?
25. Where do they come from?
26. How many appeal courts?
27. What is the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit?
28. Focus of appeals courts?
29. Supreme Court?
30. SC and Mandatory sentencing?
31. Size of courts?
32. How are federal judges selected?
33. What is Senatorial Courtesy?

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