Tuesday, February 21, 2012


(ignore the numbers)
How are judges selected?
How are Supreme court justices selected. p. 513
Background of justices?
Role of partisanship?
Are presidents happy with their appointments? Examples

. How many cases submitted to supreme court each year?
. Explain writ of certiorari?
. Explain what court cases are likely to be selected by the courts
. Define solicitor General?
. How many cases heard each year?
. Define Per curiam decision?
. Define amicus curiae briefs?
Define opinion?
Who writes the opinion?
Dissenting opinion?
Concurring opinion?
Stare decisis?
Can the court over rule it’s own decisions. Give example.
Define judicial implementation.
Define original intent
Define the 3 eras of Courts and policies (p. 526)
explain Marbury v. Madison.
Define judicial review?
Explain the ‘9 old men’
What was the role of the warren court?
Explain the character of the Burger Court
Explain US v. Nixon
How do the courts serve as a check on the tyranny of the majority?
Explain judicial restraint?
Explain judicial activism.
What is the doctrine of political questions?
What is statutory construction?

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