Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chapter 14, the rest

How is America’s government HUGE compared to other nations, but also smaller compared to other Governments (America in perspective).

How has the national security state given rise to the budget?
What are large components of defense budgets?
Biggest slice of budget pie?

Define Social Security Act? Medicare?
Payer to payee ratio for Social Security?
Clinton and Bush proposed putting some portion of SS into the stock market: Strengths and weaknesses of such a proposal?

GO TO THIS LINK, and answer the first 5 Multiple choice questions.  Then use the graph to answer the prompt below with bullet points.

2006-2 In recent decades, entitlement programs have constituted a substantial portion of the United States federal budget. Social Security is the largest entitlement program in the US. From the information in the chart above, and your knowledge of the US government and politics, perform the following tasks.
(a) define entitlement program
(b) What is the primary source of revenue for the Social Security program
(c) Identify one threat to the future of the Social security program should the trends depicted in the chart continue
(d) Describe on demographic trend that threatens the future of the Social Security program and explain how it is responsible for the threat that you identified in (c )
(e) Explain how any one of the trends in the chart above would change if the age of eligibility for social security were raised.

Define and be able to use in a sentence with an example, incrementalism?, Uncontrollable expenditure? Entitlement?

Are all budgets incremental? Budget and Lasswell?
Who are the players? Who is involved ?

Define, and explain the role of the House ways and means committee, Senate Finance Committee? Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control act of 1974, CBO, Budget resolution, Reconciliation, Authorization Bill,, Appropriations bill, Did the 1974 reforms work, Continuing Resolutions

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