Monday, October 14, 2013

Gov Homework, and reading questions.

Pick one of the two at the bottom (**), Copy the question to your blog, write a response, and then by friday, post a question or comment about a classmate's blog WHO chose the other question!!! Describe what is meant by  the “graying of America”?

What is meant by the term minority majority?  Describe the major minority groups identified in the text, including their relative size, political power and socioeconomic status?

What effect does the census have on the make-up of Congress?  What states showed the greatest gains in population in the last census?  How are they rewarded? Is this a fair system? Explain the rationale behind it and your opinion.?

Describe the major influences on one’s political socialization, and how this comes about.  From your own perspective, which influences do you think contributed most to your political attitude today?  Explain?

Explain how public opinion is measured.  What factors affect the accuracy of public opinion polls?

**Are public opinion polls a benefit or a curse to American politics?  What influence do they have on campaigns?  On governing?  What do critics point to as the key weaknesses of public opinion polls? Do you agree?  Explain?

**What is the effect of ideology on public opinion in America?  Do people really think in ideological terms?  Does the liberal conservative dimension adequately capture how Americans feel about political issues?

Describe President Reagan’s view on the scope of government in America. To what extent are these views reflected in American public opinion.?

To what extent does political participation reflect a bias in favor of the privileged?  Should this matter? Why?

Define protest and why it is employed in the political process.  What is civil disobedience?

Should it be tolerated in American politics or strictly curtailed?  How can civil disobedience be defended?  Explain.

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