Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Chapter 9 stuff.

Describe  how the caucus and presidential primary differ from one another in selecting delegates to the national party nominating conventions.  Which do you think is a better method? Why?

Why are Iowa and /new Hampshire especially important to each party in the process of selecting national convention delegates? Should they have this sort of power? Explain?

Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the present primary and caucus system of selecting natinal convention delegates.  Would you favor a move to a different system, or prefer to keep the process as is?  Be specific, and explain?

Why are Iowa and New Hampshire especially important to each party in the process of selecting national convention delegates?  Should they have this sort of power?  Explain?

How have national party conventions changed over time?  What happens at the convention and what are the major functions of the convention today?

How has campaigning changed in the modern high – tech society?  Evaluate how technology has changed campaigning?  Are thse changes good or bad for American society?

*Describe the significance of money in in a modern presidential election campaign.  How does the government regulate the fund-rasiing and expenditures of presidential campaigns?  Is the government regulation adequate? Explain

Describe the current funding system for federal elections in the United States.  Assess the advantages and disadvantages of "full public financing of federal elections.  Who would benefit from such a policy?  Why?

Explain how a PAC works.  How are politial action committees regulated?  Evaluate the influence of PACs.

Here are some things you should understand (have in notes).

2) What does Anthony King argue of American politicians.
3) What are the 2 facets of campaigning?
4) Define nomination
5) Define campaign strategy
6) Def: national party convention
7) Def: caucus
8) Importance of caucuses (2 ex)
9) Why primaries?
10) What are presidential primaries?
11) What happened in 1968 Chicago?
12) What is the McGovern – Fraser Commission?
13) What is a superdelegate?
14) What is frontloading?
15) How are delegates allocated?
16) Role of money in Campaigns.
17) What is ‘mo’ and how do you get it?
18) 5 criticisms of primary and caucus system

19) What is a national primary
20) What is a regional primary
21) Describe trends in Convention coverage, and why.
22) Describe delegates
23) Define Party platform
24) How has media/tech changed the campaign?
25) What is direct mail
26) What factors determine media coverage?
27) Role of ads in campaigns?
28) How has media coverage changed?
29) Describe the process of organizing a campaign?
30) What is the mother’s milk of politics.
31) When did momentum for campaign finance reform begin?
32) Why did momentum for campaign finance reform begin?
33) What is the Federal Election Campaign Act?
34) What is the Federal Election Commission?
35) What is the Prsidential Election Campaign fund?
36) What is matching funds?
37) What is the role of public funding in the General elections?
38) Evaluate Fig. 9.3
39) What is full disclosure?
40) How are campaign contributions limited?
41) What is Buckley v. Valeo?
42) What is Soft Money?
43) What is McCain Feingold?
44) What are PAC’s?

45) Buckley v. Valeo and PAC’s
46) Why do candidate’s need pacs.
47) Criticism of PAC’s. Is it fair?
48) Criticism of Electyion cost?
49) Is there a correlation between money spent and election victory?
50) Spending enough is key.
51) Evaluate table 9.1
52) What is the Impact of Campaigns
53) Selective perceptions.
54) Evaluate passage dealing with Nominations and Campaigns.
55) Do Campaigns lead to an increase scope of government?

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