Thursday, September 19, 2013

Unit One discussion Questions

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Citing a specific source in your text. Make a case for staying informed about public affairs. –2-3 clear sentences that you could read aloud.

Pick 2-3 MAJOR events in American history that were ‘shared’ by everyone alive in USA at that time.  Give a little who what when where how.  Go ask someone alive during the time about a memory of it.  How bout now?  What is a “Shared Event” for your peer group. What is the difference.  Why.

In a group.  Pick one of the “functions of government”.  Explain it.  All of the ‘functions’ of government must be covered.  Define the function.  Assess: Is that function being met in America today (this must include your opinion)?  Is it being met adequately/effectively.  Cover all sides of that question (pros/cons).  .  Share with your group.  Attempt to come to consensus as a group.

Describe the components of the policy making system and explain how public policies make their way through the political system.  Examples please.

Explain how majority rule and minority rights are BOTH Important, and create a hypothetical situation where you have majority rule, but no minority rights; and conversely minority rule with no majority rights.

(Group of 4) Pick a democratic theory.  Summarize in a Paragraph.  Give evidence to support your position.  Provide counter-positions to each others’ positions.

Explain how the colonial experience and the Ideas of John Locke influenced the Declaration of Independence.

Discuss how the power in state legislatures changed after the revolution?  How did these changes differ in Northern and Southern states?  What do these changes suggest about the nature of the revolution itself.

Describe the Major features of the Articles of Confederation, and explain why the Articles failed.

What were the personal characteristics of the delegates to the constitutional convention?

What were the basic philosophical views, and how did these views affect the document they ultimately approved.

Describe the founders attitudes towards democracy.  What specific features of the Constitution reflect this sentiment.

Describe some key checks and balanes in the US government as established by the Constitution.  Does this lead to more smooth and efficient government?  Why or why not.

How was the issue of slavery resolved at the Constitutional Convention?  Was this necessary for national survival?  Explain.

Explain the formal method of amending the Constitution.  Give examples of both successful and unsuccessful amendments.

Eplain the significance of the first 10 amendments to the constitution.

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