Wednesday, September 4, 2013


We're going to be setting up a BLOG.  Here's a couple tutorials to help.  The first is how to set up a GMAIL account.  You should have access to "google docs" through the district (you just use your summit log on), but when you graduate, that won't do you much good.  This will let you have your own personal google doc account, which will be pretty useful, both today, and in the future.

More relevantly, having a GMAIL account will let you set up a BLOGGER account.  Blogging, collaboration, and peer review are going to be ongoing projects this year.  If for some reason, you can't or won't have an email, or a blog, for whatever reason, just let me know.  We'll sort something out.

When you're done, do a test post.  Write a single paragraph introducing yourself (just something you'd like to share, life goal, where you'd like to travel, what you did this summer, etc).  Then find a classmate, and 'comment' on their post.  I want good, clear writing, and constructive, positive comments.  This will let you figure out if you need to have 'public' comments, or limited comments.

Ask questions of me, and feel free to give me a hard time about my neophyte efforts at creating video instructions.  Welcome to Government.  We're going to have a lot of fun, engage in some great collaborative exercises, and hopefully learn a lot.

And, as you kids say, you're going to "PWN the AP test in May."

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