Tuesday, September 10, 2013

review questions

1.    Why does Politics and Government matter?
2.    What is a trend about young people and voting?
3.    But what about young people and working in community?
4.    What about the elderly and the political process?
5.    What is the trend about American youth vs Seniors in political knowledge?
6.    Explain relationship between knowledge and participation.
7.    What is the stat about participation in 1996?
8.    Why SHOULD you participate?
9.    Why are youth less informed today?
10.                  How much are presidential elections watched?
11.                  Define Govt?
12.                  What are the 2 fundamental questions about governing?
13.                  What are the 5 functions of government?
14.                  Define public goods?
15.                  Define Politics?
16.                  Define political participation
17.                  Define Single issue groups
18.                  Define policy making system
19.                  Copy, in living color, figure 1.4.
20.                  Define linkage institutions
21.                  Define Policy agenda
22.                  Define political issue
23.                  Define policy making institutions.
24.                  Define Public Policy
25.                  How is inaction a policy
26.                  Global trend in democracy
27.                  Define democracy.
28.                  Did the framers want democracy?
29.                  Define Traditional Democratic Theory
30.                  Majority rule
31.                  Minority Rights
32.                  Representation
33.                  Pluralist theory
34.                  Elite and Class theory
35.                  What is at the center of elite dominance?
36.                  What is hyperpluralism?
37.                  What are the challenges to democracy
38.                  What is increased technical expertise?
39.                  Limited participation in democracy?
40.                  Campaign costs?
41.                  Diverse political interests?
42.                  Policy gridlock?
43.                  Was US originally pro democracy?
44.                  How has it become more of a democracy?
45.                  Explain Liberty
46.                  Egalitarianism
47. Individualism

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