Monday, January 6, 2014

Grades Remaining for term

Grades before Christmas Break:
1st blog check (done)
2nd blog check (done)

Holiday song - 10 pts
3rd blog check (4, essays, 2 other things, TBD) 30-40 pts
3rd Note Check (7,11,8) 10-15 pts
Essay Quiz -20 points
Unit Test, 7,8,11 - 50-60 ponts
Another blog post / creative assignment to balance grade book : 10 points...

Extra Credit Opportunity:  Award will based on your efforts, but usually can raise a grade by 2-3%.  Please don't ask for more than that.  Select a book with me, read book.  Analyze and assess book.  Approximately 750 words. If you want to do this, must select with me by mid January, and turn in on day grades are due.

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