Tuesday, March 29, 2011

essa set 6

2006_3 The United States Congress and the President together have the power to enact federal law. Federal bureaucratic agencies have the responsibility to execute federal law. However, in the carrying out of these laws, federal agencies have policy-making discretion.
A Explain two reasons why Congress gives federal agencies policy – making discretion in executing federal laws.
B Choose one of the bureaucratic agencies listed below. Identify the policy area over which it exercises policy making discretion and give one example of how it exercises that discretion.
Federal Reserve Board

C Describe two ways in which Congress ensures that federal agencies follow legislative intent.

2006_4 The Framers of the US Constitution created a legislative system that is bicvameral. However, it is not just bicameral; the framers also establishd two houses of distinctly different character and authority.

A Discuss 2 reasons why the framers created a bicameral legislature.
B Identify one power unique to the House, and explain why the framers gave the House that power.
C Identify one power unique to the Senate and explain why the framers gave the Senate that power

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