Monday, May 24, 2010

5/24 - 5/25

Research (lab)
Go to the Oregon Constitution
write down the following:
1. How many Rights in the "Bill of Rights?
2. How many articles?
3. Article 4 Can signature gatherers be paid?
4. Article 5 What types of bills may the Governor exercise line-item veto?
5. Article 7 sec 7 Read the oath of the Oregon court and next read the oath of the US Supreme court. What is (are) the most significant difference(s) between the two regarding representation of the public will?

Research Deschutes County Gov.
What is the structure of our County government?
What are the responsibilities of the members? (mayor, council)
What is the method for suggesting changes/improvements to local government leaders?
(If you wanted to use county funds improve public lands what would you need to do?)

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