Wednesday, January 26, 2011

chapter 12

Read Chapter 12
Chapter 12
Do Half

1. What is our central policymaking branch?
2. What is the most prominent characteristic of a congressperson’s job?
3. Review table 12.1
4. What do Congressmen receive?
5. Requirements to serve?
6. Review and discuss table 12.2
7. Relate 12.2 to elite theory?
8. What group is most underrepresented?
9. Explain the difference between descriptive v. substantive representation?
10. Define Incumbent
11. Most important fact about incumbents?
12. Assess table 12.1. Note 2 important trends.
13. Why more turnover in senate?
14. What are the possible explanations for the encumbency advantage?
15. What are the 3 activities that help incumbents
16. What is the role of advertising?
17. What is credit claiming?
18. What is casework?
19. What is pork barrel?
20. What is the role of position taking?
21. Discuss weak opponents, and campaign spending?
22. Is campaign spending a guarantee of victory?
23. Why should anyone run?
24. What makes incumbents weak?
25. Role of redistricting?
26. Explain the Cartoon on p. 363?
27. Open seats?
28. What are term limitations?
29. Bicameral legislature
30. How/ why is the House more institutionalized?
31. House rules committee? Define. Explain.
32. Diference in senate and house?
33. What is the role of Party Leaders in the Senate?
34. What is a filibuster?
35. Who is strom Thurman?
36. What is cloture?
37. Why not change the rules of the Senate?
38. Def: Speaker of the house?
39. Who is speaker of the house?
40. Powers of the speaker?
41. Majority Leader?
42. Whips?
43. Minority Leader (and who)
44. Senate:
45. Senate majority leader?
46. Discuss role of congressional leadership?...
47. What do Committees do?
48. What are the 4 types of committees?
49. Define standing, joint, conference and select committees
50. What is a conference committee?
51. What is a select committee?
52. What is legislative oversight?
53. Discuss getting on a committee?
54. Def committee chairs
55. Def. seniority system
56. Wilson said what of Gov of US?
57. What was the 1070’s committee revolt?
58. Caucus
59. GAO
60. CRS
61. CBO
62. Def. Bill?
63. How is a Bill passed to a law?
64. What does it mean to say that presidential leadership in Congress is at the margins?
65. Party influence in voting?
66. Constituency vs. Idology?
67. How many Lobbyists?
68. How much spent?

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