Wednesday, November 28, 2012

chapter 8

For Thursday
Read first 5 pages
Answer questions

1. Define Party Competition
2. Define Political party
3. What do we mean by ‘party in the electorate’
4. Define the party as an organization?
5. Explain the party in government
6. Define Linkage institutions
7. Define Party image.
8. What are the tasks performed by the parties?
9. Define rational choice theory.
10. Discuss figure 8.1
11. What are the perceived differences between parties?
12. Define Party identification
13. Trends in party alliance?
14. Define Ticket splitting
15. Discuss Table 8.1
16. Read and answer the questions on page 244, in coherent unambiguous sentences.
17. How are parties organized?
18. What is a party machine?
19. What is patronage?
20. What is the center of local party organizations now?
21. Contrast PA and CA’s State party system.
22. Define closed primary
23. Define open primary
24. Define blanket primary
25. Define national convention
26. Define national committee
27. Define national chairperson
28. Define coalition
29. Promises by politicians. Discuss.
30. Define party eras.
31. Define critical election
32. Define party realignment. Example(s)
33. Discuss the 5 party eras.
34. Define New deal coalition
35. Define Party dealignment
36. Define party neutrality
37. Define Third parties
38. Define Winner-take-all system
39. Define Proportional representation
40. Define Coalition government
41. Define Responsible party model
42. What are the roles of third parties I npolitics?What are the conditions of parties under the ‘responsible party model?’
43. Role of Party and scope of government
44. Parties today?

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