Monday, October 1, 2012

Chapter 3-2

Finish through 15 for tuesday.
Also, giant pool of money

1. Changes in Federalism over the past 200 years.
2. Define dual federalism
3. Cooperative federalism
4. How is the move from dual to cooperative federalism described (it's a metaphor).
5. What standard operating procedures does cooperative federalism involve.
6. How do highways demonstrate cooperative federalism
7. Explain shared costs
8. What are federal guidelines
9. Explain shared administration.
10. Explain table 3.3
11. Define fiscal federalism
12. Explain figure 3.1
13. Where do most federal grants go? Draw figure 3.2.
14. What are categorical grants.
15. What are project grants
16. What are formula grants
17. What are block grants.
18. (give 2 examples for each of the above).
19. What are the mandate blues (two ways it can be underfunded).
20. Why did the founders establish a federal system?
21. What are the advantages for democracy of federalism?
22. What are the disadvantages of federalism for democracy?
23. How are local interests able to thwart the national majority?
24. Explain figure 3.3
25. Explain 3.4
26. How many US Governments?
27. What is the role of Federalism and the scope of National Governement?
28. Explain figure 3.5

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